Smile Protector

Smile Protector

Changing the face of care

The STEK smile protector is designed to facilitate easy, natural communication while shielding users against disease transmission. Our protectors feature special micropolymer coatings that quickly destroy harmful microorganisms upon contact, offering robust antimicrobial protection. And thanks to their transparency, your facial expressions remain visible to the people around you, making day-to-day interactions be they in schools, hospitals, or other crucial settings feel significantly more human.

Who benefits most?

  • Children and older individuals
  • People who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Interpreters and language learners
  • Educators and students
  • Customer service representatives
  • Workers in loud environments

Safety Made Portable

Your kids can take their mask around with them throughout the day and to school with the assurance that the Clean Contact Case – which comes with the mask – is protecting what protects your child. It won’t be collecting bugs in their schoolbag, and it won’t be getting damaged either.

Better For Their Skin

The mask also blocks pollen, UV rays, and other harmful microparticles. This means that as our kids go through Spring and Summer, the mask will protect skin from sun and environmental damage and reduce irritation.

Washable & Reusable

The masks are quick-dry and can be hand-washed over and over again, so save your dollars and protect the environment at the same time. The antimicrobial properties are maintained even after repeated washing – perfect for endless everyday activities or sports.