Tactigard – Medium Pack


1 x Film Piece 400m X 380mm, Instructions, Stickers


1 x Film Piece 400m X 380mm, Instructions, Stickers.

Tactigard contains both silver and copper nanoparticles throughout its layers, which release ions to destroy harmful microorganisms.

While other antimicrobial films on the market contain only a single metal—either copper or silver—Tactigard employs a combination of both for unparalleled protective properties.

Silver has been proven to kill microbes in just 2 hours. However, high amounts of silver can be harmful to humans, and its effectiveness may also be reduced in low-humidity environments.

That’s where copper comes in. Studies have shown that copper films eliminate microbes in about 4 hours, compared to a maximum of 3 days on unprotected surfaces. And, unlike silver, the antimicrobial properties of copper are more likely to remain stable regardless of its environment.

So, silver or copper? We chose both—and with the perfect ratio, Tactigard boasts unmatched practicality and protection.

Endless Applications:

  • Buttons, rails, handles.
  • Light switches, keypads, desktops.
  • Tables, chairs, cabinets.
  • With Tactigard, there’s always more.